Our goal is to create a fun, enjoyable yet life changing experience. We focus on helping you improve your daily habits which in turn will improve your overall health and mindset. With a mix of fitness, yoga, mind therapy, healthy food and nutrition education, we will give you all the tools to continue to lead a healthy active lifestyle long after leaving your retreat. We do not believe in quick fix solutions to help results, we pride ourselves on long lasting behaviour changes through education. We will continue to guide you on your new healthy lifestyle upon leaving our retreat via our online support system so you remain within The Wellness Retreat Marrakech community.

When mind, body & spirit are in harmony, happiness is the natural result

Welcome & Arrival

We take the stress away from your trip by greeting you at Marrakech airport to bring you to our private villa for the week. We have partnered with a VIP service in Marrakech to ensure you enjoy have a 5 star experience from the minute you step off your plane which also includes your transfer to our luxury villa. Once you have settled in to your luxury room you will be welcomed by the team and handed your welcome pack. This will be a chance to meet other guests. Our team will set out the agenda for the week and answer any questions and queries you may have.

Let the fun begin..

A Typical Day at The Wellness Retreat:

Below is what you can expect from a typical day on our retreat:

7.00am Wake Up

 7.30am                                   Herbal Tea

 8.00am                                   Run/Walk

 9.00am                                   Breakfast

 9.30am                                   Chill Out / Pool Time

 11.00am                                 Exercise Session 1 (45 - 60 mins)

 12.30pm                                Lunch

 1.30pm                                   Chill Out / Pool Time

 3.00pm                                   Exercise Session 2 (45 – 60 mins)

 4.00pm                                   Post-Workout Shake & Snack

 4.15pm                                   Chill Out

 6.30pm                                   Dinner

 8.30pm                                   Nutrition Workshop / Mind Therapy Session

 9.30pm                                   Evening Activity

 11.00pm                                Lights Out

Throughout the week there will be a group mountain hike with opportunities to take in the breath taking views of Marrakech. There will also be a 1 to 1 Mind Therapy session included for each guest. The evening activities will include - Movie Nights, healthy dessert making as well as other fun games and activities.

There is an opportunity for you to book additional 1 to 1 mind therapy sessions. We will also have an on site masseuse offering relaxation and sports therapy treatments.


Celebration & Recognition Day

On your final day we will be treating you to a VIP Pool Party for an afternoon around the pool celebrating your hard work and life changing experiences at our retreat as a thank you for choosing The Wellness Retreat Marrakech.


The Final Feast

On our final evening we will finish with “The Final Feast” where we will recognise your efforts and hard work at a fun themed celebration meal.