A place to relax, unwind and create a healthy lifestyle you enjoy & maintain!


Our mission here at The Wellness Retreat is to help our guests relax, unwind from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy the luxuries of our amazing Villa. We help you understand the positive impact that leading a healthy lifestyle can have on your life. Join us on our week retreat and you will be catered for with a structured fitness programme that caters for all abilities, mind therapy sessions from our amazing Mind Coaches along with Yoga to relax and unwind with our fully qualified Yoga Instructor. We believe in long term health over quick fixes so our retreat is set out to help you take on this concept into your own life and understand healthy eating, balanced nutrition and creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle that you enjoy.

Our healthy meals are cooked and prepared fresh at the Villa by our Chef who caters for all. We strongly believe in healthy balanced nutrition and ensuring our guests are fuelled correctly to build a positive relationship with food to take home with them. You will not find us depriving you at meal times for quick results, working out 10 times a day that will not be sustainable when your back home in your normal daily routine. We focus on helping and supporting you on a journey to better health and that starts with making small changes to your daily habits for a lifetime of better choices. Healthy food, fitness and the most underworked muscle in the body………..the mind! We cover all aspects of health on our retreat and want you to have a life changing experience with us!

The Wellness Retreat


How we started……

Power couple James Lock & Yazmin Oukhellou have launched The Wellness Retreat Marrakech, an intimate immersive wellness experience at a luxury villa in Marrakech. The Wellness Retreat doesn’t just focus on health & fitness, but prides itself on working with the mindset and focuses on positivity and mental health.

After a rocky few months in 2018 for James & Yaz, with various personal and relationship issues, they both decided to take a break from the limelight to save their relationship and get away to clear their minds. This is where they realised how important mental health is and how it can affect someones wellbeing. They wanted to create a retreat to help people with similar issues. The reality stars have never been stronger as a couple.

They now want to share their passion for leading a healthy and active lifestyle with others and have founded The Wellness Retreat Marrakech to help share this and provide a retreat for others to enjoy and benefit from too. James and Yaz will be on hand helping run the retreats and build strong relationship with guests alongside a team of experts helping them ensure all guests receive expert advice and help in each of the fields covered on the retreat.